The International Committee for Exhibition Exchange (ICEE) was established for the purpose of providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, experience and information about the circulation and exchange of exhibitions in all disciplines between museums and galleries around the world. The committee deals with many different aspects of exhibition development, circulation and exchange.

It was founded during the 12th ICOM Triennial conference in Mexico City in 1980 and the formation meeting was held in Paris in April, 1982. Application was made and granted for ICOM International Committee status in time for the 13th Triennial Conference in London in August 1983.

Annual meetings feature discussions and valuable networking opportunities for museum professionals involved with exhibitions and offer information and options on the practical issues of exhibition development, circulation and exchange.

Since its founding in 1983, annual meetings have been held in the late summer or autumn of each year in:

• Prague, Czech Republic, 2022 (26th ICOM General Conference)

• Virtual, Geneva, Switzerland, 2021

• Virtual, local collaboration in Mexico City, Mexico 2020

• Kyoto, Japan, 2019 (25th ICOM General Conference)

• Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, 2018

• Puerto Rico: cancelled due to Hurricane Maria devastating the island, 2017

• Milan, 2016 (24th ICOM General Conference)

• Cape Town, 2015, hosted by ICOM-SA and the S.A. Apartheid Museum

• Helsinki – Espoo – Tampere – Mänttä, 2014

• Rio de Janeiro, 2013 (23rd ICOM Triennial)

• Toronto, 2012, hosted by the Royal Ontario Museum

• Berlin, 2011, hosted by the Deutsches Historisches Museum

• Shanghai, 2010, hosted by the Arts Exhibitions China

• Chicago, 2009, hosted by the Field Museum

• Wellington, 2008, hosted by the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa

• Vienna, 2007, hosted by the Kunsthalle Wien

• Paris, 2006, hosted by the Muséum National d’Histoire naturelle

• Amsterdam, 2005, hosted by the KIT Tropenmuseum

• Seoul, 2004 (20th ICOM Triennial)

• New York, 2003, hosted by AAM and the New York Historical Society

• London, 2002, hosted by the Natural History Museum

• Barcelona, 2001 (19th ICOM Triennial)

• No meeting was held, 2000

• Montreal, 1999

• Melbourne, 1998 (18th ICOM Triennial)

• Barcelona, 1997, hosted by the Amics del Museus de Catalunya

• Los Angeles, 1996, hosted by the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History

• Stavangar, 1995, (17th ICOM Triennial)

• Budapest, 1994, hosted by Mucsarnok

• Oxford, 1993, hosted by the Museum of Modern Art

• Quebec, 1992 (16th ICOM Triennial)

• Stockholm, 1991, hosted by Riksutstallningar

• Mexico City, 1990, in cooperation with ICAMT

• The Hague, 1989 (15th ICOM Triennial)

• Ottawa, 1988, hosted by the Canadian Museum of Civilization

• Dublin, 1987, hosted by the Douglas Hyde Gallery

• Buenos Aires, 1986 (14th ICOM Triennial)

• Prague, 1985, hosted by the Museum of Technology

• Washington D.C., 1984, hosted by the Smithsonian Institution