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August 3, 2021

Call for papers: ICEE Exhibitions Marketplace – Tuesday 28th September, deadline 17th September

Guidelines on ICEE Exhibitions Marketplace – Tuesday 28th September 2021

1100-1230 (EST)/1800-1930 (GMT+1)/1700-1830 (GMT)

The Exhibitions Marketplace is intended to provide members of ICOM and the ICEE with the opportunity to network with institutions who may be interested in hiring an exhibition or collaborating in a future exhibition project.   We welcome the presentation of all newly developed exhibitions and exhibition ideas currently in development.

The format of the Marketplace will be a series of 5-minute pitches on exhibitions for which registered presenters are seeking venues or a partner or multiple partners.  Pitches will be grouped by exhibition type within the 90-minute session. Presenters may have the opportunity to pitch more than one exhibition, however all projects must be kept within the allocated 5-minute time slot for each organisation.

The event will be divided by exhibition/project types:

  • Natural History and Science & Technology (first 40 minutes)
  • Art and Culture (second 40 minutes)

Due to time constraints, questions from the audience will not be possible during the session.  Contact information for all presenters will be provided.

Process and timelines

  1. Submissions must use the template as described below, this should include both the information template as outlined and a maximum of 5 additional slides detailing your project. Please submit your pitch using Microsoft Office PowerPoint slides.

It will be the responsibility of the presenter to prepare their submission and issue it via email, to:

By Friday 17th September 2021.

  1. The decision on the final list of exhibitions to be presented shall rest with the ICEE Board.
  2. Please note that it will not be possible to show video clips during presentations due to time constraints.
  3. By submitting a pitch all presenters agree to the sessions being recorded and shared with ICEE members as and when decided by the ICEE Board.






Fact Sheet


This exhibition concept is copyright [name of organisation].  It is confidential, and should not be shared with third parties without the prior written consent of [name of organisation]


Organiser:                                   [name of gallery, museum, science center, organization]


Objects:                                       [number of works/artefacts/objects]


Space Requirements:               [in sq. ft. and sq. meters; in one building or more]


Participation Fee:                    [If applicable.  Itemise what is included in the fee, stating an actual fee is optional]


Shared Costs:                            [approx. costs & with how many institutions]


Schedule:                                   [dates for each venue]


Publication:                              [short description if applicable]


Contact/s:                                 [name of contact in organisation, address, e-mail & telephone]


Description of Exhibition:    [1 slide]


Selected Images :                    [4 slides, maximum 8 images]


Date:                                          [fact sheet creation]